Winners are grinners

Well what a pleasant surprise it was last weekend. I had entered one of my paintings in the Nundah Art Festival and, low and behold, it was judged a “second” in the Contemporary Category. The painting was of Sago Corner in Singapore. A big THANK YOU to the organisers (and the judges).Sagocornersingapore

Lovers Walk

Basset hounds are strange dogs. They like to sniff around and are totally oblivious to what is around them when they are out and about. Don’t expect them to hear your calls.

My basset, Zack, is no different. I’ll take him for a walk along the Sandgate foreshore and, unless I have him on a leash, I’ll be continually calling him to me. Zack! Zack! Com on Zack! Get here!

Our daily walk is along Lovers Walk which is a concrete path that runs along the front of the esplanade at Sandgate. On one side we can check out the houses, picnic shelters and trees of Sandgate and on the other side there is the foreshore and the waters of Bramble Bay.


Lovers Walk and picnic shelter